SPOT FAT REDUCTION…Cellulite Reduction


Fat reduction non-invasive technique. The target is stubborn fatty deposits.Immediate results and continuing  results within the week following.    Ultrasonic Cavitation …google it. localized adiposty.

No anesthesia,  scars,  down time Colourful names, “love handles -“saddle bags” -buttocks,  knees, – upper arm -male breasts.All are just  not funny if you are suffering with these afflictions!!

Before and after hydration is essential and  a very brisk walk to help the elimination process. A4 size treatment ($115) , repeated on a weekly basis, and four treatments  for optimum results

Lymph Drainage is recommended, with a  Holistic Massage Therapist.

RADIO FREQUENCY. and ULTRA SOUND. post treatment for skin tightening .

May we suggest that you Google the treatments so as to be well informed


*Disclaimer.Results may vary from person to person


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