The Radio Frequency pulse, treats the lower layers of the epidermis,  shrinking,supporting and tightening.Add this to your regime of top quality skin care products and an occasional IPL or Microdermabrasion treatment for top results.

The R.F. application is used in the treatment of…Facial skin tightening…fine wrinkle reduction…mandible and neck tightening…improve sagging skin…forehead wrinkle reduction, ¬†hand improvement, and general improvement of most skin areas.

Restrictions on the use of *R.F. is if you have implants,ultrauterine devices, diabetes, high blood pressure or heart diseases and of course, pregnancy.

The heated subcutaneous fibre shrinks, leaving smooth, compact and elastic skin and reduced pores.After a course of treatments….skin becomes compact and flabby skin is vastly improved.

$155 per treatment


*Disclaimer Results may vary from person to person

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